Lo colpì con un martello.

English Translation

She hit him with a hammer.

Giorgi says “colpì”. He stresses “ì” and not “o”. ( The correct pronunciation is important in a learning material even if someone uses “un martello” in such a way) . D’accordo?

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Given the accent (because of the past tense), I think Giorgio would be correct :slight_smile: Your pronunciation would match the plural of “colpo” I believe.

Compare the following:

Gli ho dato due colpi in testa. [pronunciation as you porpose]

Non colpì il cane. [Giorgio’s pronunciation]

I could of course also be mistaken, in which case, please don’t hit me, hammer or not :wink: perhaps just a gentle slap on the wrist with an anchovy could suffice :grin:


I went with Revesro pronunciation. Passato remoto lui co’lpì. Trust but verify. This time that anchovy is mine and Reverso. :grinning:


@sindaco. I too went with colpì as in lunedì martedì etc and thought Reverso sounded strange. But happy to be pythoned if swimming against the tide;-)


No fish-slapping for you! :smiley: Your explanation is correct.


Grazie @mike-lima e bravo @sindaco.

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