li pa dugri li te'o li te'o

English Translation

The natural logarithm of e is 1.

“li pa dugri li te’o li te’o” is a phrase in Lojban, a constructed, logical language. Here’s how to break it down:

  1. “li” - This particle introduces a number or a sum. It’s similar to saying “the number…” in English.

  2. “pa” - This word represents the number one.

  3. “dugri” - This is the Lojban word for “logarithm”.

  4. “li te’o” - This phrase, repeated twice in the sentence, denotes a place structure break, or the starting of a new sumti (argument of a predicate). The word “te’o” stands for the number e (approximately 2.71828), which is an important mathematical constant and the base of natural logarithms.

So, completely broken down into English, the phrase “li pa dugri li te’o li te’o” is roughly equivalent to saying “the logarithm base e of e is 1”.