Lei è rivoltante.

English Translation

She’s minging.

Interesting use of what I think is purely British slang. “Minging” is most often used to mean foul smelling, ugly, revolting, nauseating etc.


Indeedy, for me one of the most unpleasant words in British slang for obvious reasons - always in reference to women (the noun is even worse) though equally applicable to men. It sounds what it is - revolting. I’d rather hear the “f” word than the “m” word :wink:

Inevitably we’ll hear that Mary is minging whereas good old Tom is in prison, again ;-D

Auguri… Non-femminista👋


You’re absolutely right to say that it is a very unpleasant word when used to describe someone. Sadly, you are also correct to suggest that it is more often aimed at women.

It is however quite effective in getting across one’s feelings about an object, or even a part of someone.

“Please put your shoes back on. Your feet are minging”.

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Assolutamente. It’s just a personal thing with me, one of those words that makes me cringe that rhymes with…! Ahia! Even as a staunch non-feminist I can’t say it, bit old-fashioned I’m afraid and I have to say, I’m not alone.

Now put you shoes back on :smiley: