Lei è muta dalla nascita.

English Translation

She has been dumb since birth.

La traduzione di questa sentenza è una cattiva traduzione.


Technically it’s correct, although I guess a kinder way would be to say “speech impaired,” no?

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It is basically a question for an English forum:

I know that “dumb” has a negative connotation but is “mute” also no longer acceptable?

BTW, we have similar problems in German:

“Doof” means today only “stupid” but the original meaning was “deaf” and I think in Dutch it still is.


In Dutch “doof” means “deaf” , but I’ve never known it to mean “stupid” like in German. “doof” (from the verb “doven”) could also mean extinguishing something (like a candle/fire). Anyway, this was just in reply to your Dutch query (it might be different in Flemish), but getting a bit off-track from the original query, apologies!

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