Lei darà alla luce un figlio il mese prossimo.

“She will give birth to a child next month”. To give a child to the light. I know this post will end up in Italian sentences discussions part. There is nothing to discuss here. It just took my breath away. This is the view of the world! A beautiful one. Is this Italian only? I would not be surprised if it were.


Ciao @barcarolle. I felt much the same reading this most beautiful Italian phrase that some of us discussed at length on another forum. Italian has a poetic way of describing many of life’s happenings that make the language such a joy to learn. Listening to “Tosca” has taught me much.

Tanti auguri…


I just came across the same thing in Portuguese “dar à luz”, so it appears that it isn’t specific to Italian.

Oh well, it’s a lovely view of the world in any language.


Sì sì, somehow it touches the soul, in any language.