L'edificio si trova adiacente al Museo Etnografico di Shushi

Do you ever get those moments when you want to shout “Yesss!” and leap around in jubilation? This sentence popped up on “Cloze Listening” as I was making a Lavazza. The missing word was new to me, I listened just once, wrote “adiacente” and mamma mia, got it right! (The building is adjacent to the Shushi Etnographic Museum). Not such an everyday sentence, you notice.

A small moment in the way of things. Your word of the day? Mine is “adiacente” :-))


I just made my “ispirazione firenze arpeggio” by Nespresso to go with the almond biscotti (mmm!!) and found a couple of my preferred words for today: apprezzerei,penseresti, and scommetterei. I have them typed correctly the very first time without listening! I have to admit that knowing that I work in the specific setting (i.e. conditional), is a major crutch because I know the grammar rule I am in, but it gave me a nice boost: I can do it! Io lo consiglierei a tutti!


Brava @barcarolle! Anch’io, apprezzerei un biscotto alle mandorle with my coffee and perhaps for every new word. Gnam gnam!

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Yes! This has started to happen to me with Cloze listening, and I’m really chuffed - each time I’m thrilled.


Yep, suddenly something totally inaudible becomes clear. I just love the variety of voices and can imagine the people behind them.