Learning numbers

Hopefully it’s okay to share this here, I won’t have any objections to removing it or it being removed if not.

I just found out about this great site for practicing numbers.

While I have no issues deciphering numbers as such, it is still a painstakingly slow process for me, where I slowly dissect it in my mind, breaking it up into all the individual pieces and then putting those back together to arrive at the number: “Okay, they said i thousand, j hundred k-y and l, so, let’s see, that is i… j… k… l… ijkl” (and even worse for even larger numbers).

While I love Clozemaster, and there has been the odd number (though generally consisting of just two digits, and I don’t really have any issues with those), I think what I could really use is some dedicated practice like this, just to help speed along my familiarisation process for big numbers (4-5 digits, with years being the most useful one to be able to decipher a bit more promptly).

And since I figured there might be some of you here who could also use this, for similar reasons, I thought I’d share it here, for those who don’t know it yet and also would like to give it a go:



Brilliant! I really need this. I can “assemble” numbers, but it’s slow going…


Grazie @sindaco. As I’m dyslexic with anything to do with numbers, using, writing or speaking, any help is a bonus, così mille grazie per il link.

A dopo…


I think this resource is awesome as well. I ALWAYS had trouble with numbers.


Really nice resource there, thanks for sharing. I usually generated a random string of numbers and made it voice out by a TTS, but it was always the same voice, sometimes did some mistakes, etc.
One addition that would be nice to the website, is an option to limit the time for answering - then it would be counted as false if you fail to answer quickly enough.


I’d love to see numbers collections here in Clozemaster covering large numbers, dates, fractions, decimal places, etc, presented in a random way in the context of sentences.

I find large French numbers hard enough that I bought an audiobook specifically about mastering numbers. I love French Today’s other audiobooks and highly recommend them for longer listening practice, but found this one rather dull. I’d much rather be practicing here with context!


Fully agreed! I’m sure there must be sentences like this in Tatoeba too, I wonder if it’s just a matter of pulling them out into a separate collection, I’ll try to investigate a bit.


You are awesome, sindaco! Numbers are easy to “learn” but hard to get good at. This should help. I’m going to tell everyone I know about this resource. Thanks a million!


Welcome, you’re so right about numbers. Repetition repetition and even more… :slight_smile: