Le vostre parole non corrispondo alle vostre azioni.

I’m near the end of the Fluency Fast Track and have started to notice spelling errors like this one (corrispondo rather than corrispondono). How many people actually complete this? Post here if you see this.

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Ciao hab. I have a long way to go yet on the FFT but will look out for gli errori. I sometimes use the pen symbol to pop a correction in brackets, I don’t know whether I should, but it reminds me for next Review. So far I’ve found very few. A dopo… :slight_smile:

I do the same. I believe the corrections do not show up on the translation lines of others, but it takes a long time for the editors to correct these sentences. I run into them on my 25/50/75/100 review dates, so it’s the only way I know to tell myself to ignore the sentence without deleting it from my studies.

Hi hab. Same with certain other sites, some errors are now part of the comfy furniture:-) I’m glad to know my pen-symbol corrections are probably not seen by others, I was wondering. Still loving it all, particularly the pace and encouragement from others. Tanti auguri a te! Ciao…