Le temps blesse toutes les guérites.

The translation given: “Time wounds all heels” is not literal, but something of a play on words with the usual English expression. See further discussion on Tateoba: Le temps blesse toutes les guérites. - French example sentence - Tatoeba.

Oh wow… I just checked the discussion on Tateoba, I’m not even sure where to start… This is hopeless, and this kind of sentences should just be removed from Clozemaster.

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That particular contributor is responsible for about 70% of the sentences I’ve looked up on Tatoeba after thinking that the translations here seemed strange or grammatically incorrect!

Here’s another one in a similar vein, where he’s translated “Let sleeping dogs lie” using “mentir” as a joke. There’s a long discussion about it. At least it’s tagged with “silly translation”, but that doesn’t help users here. On devrait laisser les chiens qui dorment mentir. - French example sentence - Tatoeba

Oh gosh, I went on the link out of curiosity only to find out that they intentionally translate those sentences in a stupid meaningless way. And they are even proud of it…

The best is probably that this specific user claims to be fluent in English/French for at least 40 years… When it only takes 4 days to translate like him.