Le sue opinioni sono considerate conservatrici.

English Translation

His views are considered conservative.

(His views are considered conservative.) I have questions. I’ve always learned “conservatrici” as a noun and that when “conservatore” is used as an adjective, it would follow the rules of adjectives ending in “e” and change to “i” in the plural for both feminine and masculine forms “conservatori”. Am I wrong about this being an adjective or about “conservatrici” being the plural of the noun “conservatrice”? My dictionaries were not helpful about this.


WordReference suggests that it is correct and that (for example) “conduttore” is the same when used as an adjective (as for materials that will conduct electricity).

Treccani notes the Latin root and I suspect that this is the answer. Thus in English we have the (Latin derived) executor or executors of someone’s will, unless they are female, in which case the correct terms are executrix or executrices.


Sono d’accordo Davide. My TT gives me conservatrici for the reasons you mention.

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