Le porto subito il conto.

English Translation

I’ll bring you the bill immediately.

Carla: /ˈsu.bi.to/ (immediately), not /suˈbi.to/ (past participle of subire)!


Well I never, I’ve never heard subìto before, only sùbito. I would have thought a nice ordinary straightaway-sùbito would work well here but chissà chissà :wink:

I remember we went over subìre in “Centinaia di città hanno subito dei danni” from August 6. “Hundreds of cities and towns suffered damage” not “Hundreds of cities and towns right away damage”. I listened to it now and it was corrected, Giorgio says subìto. It seems to me that very often the sentences are taken from Reverso verbatim, so all the mistakes. In Reverso conjugation past participle of subìre is pronounced incorrectly: sùbito. So, the mistakes there are transported to here. Forvo says correctly: subìto and indicates that it is participo passato of subìre. As always, correct me.

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Ciao. Ahia, another one of those words we used used so many times but now has more meaning. Am off to re-read and re-listen, e dring dring! a Piero;-)

A dopo…