Language Challenge of the Day is here!

Hola Clozemasters! We’re launching a new feature into beta today - the Language Challenge of the Day (LCOD) :tada:

We love learning languages, but sometimes it can get a bit repetitive and difficult to stay motivated. The LCOD is a daily challenge to be completed in your target language and meant to push your boundaries, expand your skills, and provide constantly varied challenges so you never get bored or stuck.

The LCODs will cover all six competencies - vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each challenge should only take ~30 minutes :alarm_clock: to complete, and will range from thinking up responses to conversation questions, reading newspaper articles, listening to podcasts, describing images, and more.

Each challenge will also include a prompt to post in the comments, and we hope you will! :pencil2: Posting in the comments will help spur conversation with other readers and help you see your progress when we eventually post the same challenge again in the future.

We hope you find the LCODs useful! We’re excited to hear what you think and if there’s anything we can do to make it better. And thanks for supporting Clozemaster as always! :slight_smile:


wow that sounds great! I will share with my friends and network!

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Awesome - thanks! :slight_smile:

Is this feature still available? If so, is it available for German and how do ifind it? It sounds interesting

@mike - would you like to have some articles contributed from the community? I wouldn’t mind writing a blog entry once in a while to keep the language challenge of the day going.

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Sure! And sorry I missed the above @kriselda. The Language Challenge Of the Day is still up here Learn language in context - Clozemaster, but we haven’t updated it in a while due to lack of interest. It’s still a cool idea, I think - a series of random language learning “workouts” to keep your learning fresh, varied, and interesting - so I’d definitely like to pick it up again at some point in the future and perhaps find a better way to present/promote it.

@Laura_Pierpont what would you like to write about? We’re always looking for interesting posts here on the forum and the blog, and you can definitely contribute to the LCODs if you’d like.

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