La mia macchina è in negozio.

[details=“English Translation”]My car’s in the shop.[/details] I’m wondering if an Italian would understand this sentence and if he or she would be amused at your primitive word choice. Unless you just crashed your car into a retail store, I don’t think this is the word you want. You’re better off with “dal meccanico” or “in riparazione” or “in officina.”


I understood the sentence like e.g.
" … to be sold in commission."
“… for repair.”
Would it still be the wrong word choice?

Mi associo! It’s a little bit like saying “I’ll take the jacket and jeans, oh and the black car as well please”:wink:

Good catch!

I agree that there is a mistake in the Italian translation, which has literally translated ‘shop’, whereas it should have translated ‘repair shop’ (= autofficina/officina).