La campagna elettorale ebbe successo e lei vinse le elezioni.

English Translation

The campaign succeeded and she won the election.

Isn’t this “elections” rather than “election”? Or is the plural used for the singular? The dictionary gives both elezione and elezioni so I’m not sure if this sentence is correct? (But beginner speaking, so …)


Good question. Formally you are right,
I think I have seen the plural more often in Italian newspapers, but is it really correct?

Edit: Google search gives elezioni vs. elezione in about 6 to 1. So the plural seems to be indeed more popular.

Politically, In the UK a person will usually win only one election (in a constituency) whereas a party will win a lot of elections.
You have to win a lot of elections to become the president of the US, but only one to become Italian PM (proportional).
In German (Wahl/Wahlen) journalists almost never get this right,


Ciao. I see what you mean. I think quite often we find an Italian plural for what would be singular in E. A bit like “Labour won the elections” or “the election”. It happens with “Le notizie”. “Le notizie in TV erano brutte - the news on TV was bad” “Le notizie sul nonno erano buone - the news about grandpa was good”.

As always, happy to be corrected.