Kto rozwalił imprezę? (Sentence Note & Question)

Note: rozwalić (-lę -lisz) (pf), (impf) rozwalać = shatter, smash. ~ się fly to pieces

Question: Is ‘rozwalił’ appropriate to the context of the original Polish sentence? Thanks!

Hm, I don’t think Polish has a straightforward equivalent for “crash the party”. “Rozwalić imprezę” isn’t an idiom, so it would be interpreted literally as “smashed / destroyed the party”. A bit puzzling.

If you wanted to convey the meaning of “crash the party” (come uninvited) in Polish, you would say something like “przyjść bez zaproszenia” or “wprosić się”. We also have the idiom “przyjść/wejść na krzywy ryj”, but this one is considered vulgar.

Given that there is no great way to say that in Polish, and “crash the party” might not be correctly understood by non-native English speakers, my suggestion would be to report this and delete it from the course altogether.

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Many thanks, I’ll report this one as well.