Krieg geht uns alle etwas an.

English Translation

War concerns us all.

Would this sentence also be correct without “etwas”?

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Yes. Actually, It sounds better to me without the “etwas”.
You can also skip the “uns”, without changing the meaning in most situations.
“Krieg geht alle an.”

Thanks. Skipping the “uns” maybe would just change “all of us” to “everybody,” or a more personal attitude to a more universal.

I read it as “War concern all of us in some way.”

I am not sure if I agree with you here.

“In some way” in English to me (non-native!) sounds distant or vague like in
“We might be related in some way” = “he might be a third cousin of mine but I do not know”
The German “etwas” in this sentence is in no way vague or belittleling , although in other context “etwas” might have this meaning.

Your sentence retranslated would be:

“Krieg geht uns alle irgendwie an.”