Kann auch jemand ein Feuer im Busen behalten, dass seine Kleider nicht brennen?

This word “Busen” is perhaps a bit more commonly used than the word “bosom” in English? “Bosom” is rather archaic and I hear it infrequently.

Busen is more commonly used but I feel its less common than simple Brust

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Hello bros! What are some of the many uses of the word “Sein?” As I am personally confused as to how the sentence, “Das kann sein,” could possibly mean “That’s possible.”

“Sein” has two different meanings…one is a verb, and it’s the infinitive form, so in your example “Das kann sein.” it means “That can be.” It’s the same form as in the sentence “Das kann brennen.” = “That can burn.”

“sein” can also mean “his”. It’s an unrelated word, like a homonym. In this sentence we have the word “seine” which is just the same word but with an “e” ending because it is plural and the subject of the sentence (the ending might be different in different cases.)

“Sein” can also be a noun, meaning “existence” or “being”. In this case is directly related to the verb, just like the word “being” in English is related to the verb “be”.

You can find a good listing with examples of usages here: