Kanada jest większa od Japonii.

I am curious about the Polish - English course. The English vocabulary is very often merely an approximation of the Polish, not a direct or literal translation. Is that deliberate? I am a learner and can see lots of mistakes. In some cases. because I am a learner I can see the translation is wrong, but don’t know why.

Hello there!

Clozemaster uses sentences and translations from the open source Tatoeba database (http://tatoeba.org/). As such, sentences in Tatoeba are added by volunteers, some of whom might not be native speakers—or their English might not be perfect.

If you notice any mistakes, feel free to use the report funcionality. When you do that, a moderator will review the reported sentence, and make corrections if necessary. Over time, we should be able to weed out the glaring mistakes and increase the overall quality of both sentences and translations.

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Hi Albaniach, if there is a sentence you are not sure about, please post a comment/question in the forum. Other learners will probably also be curious about any unusual words, double meanings and sentence constructions, so raising queries can not only help your own learning but also that of others. Cheers!

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