Käme dir eine Tasse Kaffee gelegen?

This is translated “How about a cup of coffee?” which makes sense in terms of capturing the meaning, but I’m wondering if there is a difference in tone that is not being translated accurately.

Can a native speaker chime in about how this sentence feels? It seems a bit indirect and embellished, and it also seems to emphasize the suitability of the coffee to the moment, like saying “gelegen” seems to be asking whether the person would find it to be a good or welcome time to have a cup of coffee right now?

It’s very un-determined and the english translation could also be used in such a way. The indirectness itself doesn’t matter so much though, as it is a direct question in a direct context anyways. I am not 11% certain, but to me it seems as if How about a… is much less direct than Would you like…
The only problem I see is that this phrase is a bit pretentious/turgid which doesn’t really come through in the translation.


That makes perfect sense about the pretentious tone, like it seems a more stuffy or formal way of wording it in German, and the English sentence definitely doesn’t communicate that, it seems a normal type of sentence, if anything slightly more casual in tone.

I think “Would you like a cup of coffee?” is probably closer to the more formal tone, but probably not quite as pretentious enough as it’s still a normal thing to say in a casual setting.