Jos sinusta tulisi yhtäkkiä sokea, mitä tekisit?

English Translation

If you became blind suddenly, what would you do?

I had expected “(sinä) tulisit … sokeaksi” for a sudden change, but I suppose yhtäkkiä makes the suddenness obvious.

I asked the natives, and this is what they said:

#1: no difference
#2: I guess you could argue that, but practically speaking I agree there is no difference
#1: i would just disagree, i dont see any difference
#2: sokeaksi in translative emphasizes the change, as opposed to nominative which describes the resulting long-lasting state, if that makes sense
#3: The former makes it clearer that you permanently become blind. The latter sounds more like entering a state of blindness.
#2: but I still feel like this is splitting hairs and in regular speech you could use either without thinking too much about it. (this post received a “🠕 tää” from #1 and #3)

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Thanks for checking with the natives! It’s good to know that there’s not a lot of difference.