J'étais fatiguée, je suis donc allé au lit.

English Translation

I was tired so I went to bed.

I think the audio for this sentence is cut at the end.

Actually, when I played it back at half speed I could hear the full sentence. It just seems to me that the speaker doesn’t say “lit” at the end when playing back at full-speed. Maybe my ears are not just attuned yet to pick it up. I do hear the speaker say “lit” when I play it back at half speed.

it might depend on the voice you are using, whether the built-in one or your browser. I hear it.

The French sentence has a grammatical error:

  • J’étais fatiguée, je suis donc allée au lit.

Oh interesting. There’s more than one voice you can hear? Is there a way you can toggle back and forth between them. I didn’t know there was another voice.

And I just figured out how to do it! Seems the option is only available in Chrome (I was using Firefox).