Jest tylko pokój dla jednego z nas.

Question … can anyone help? The English translation on CM is ‘‘There’s only room for one of us’’. Should this be ‘‘There’s only A room for one of us’’. Or can ‘‘pokój’’ also mean ‘‘available space’’, as well as ‘‘a room’’ (and ‘‘peace’’)? I searched a few dictionaries but couldn’t find an entry to suggest that ‘‘pokój’’ can mean ‘‘available space’’. Thanks in advance.

This looks like a classic mistranslation (from English to Polish). As it stands right now, the Polish sentence means “there’s only a room for one of us”.

It would probably make the most sense to update the Polish sentence to “Jest tylko miejsce dla jednego z nas”, and leave the English version as it is. Feel free to report the next time you see it!

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Thanks for your reply (sorry, I’ve only just read it), I’ll report it next time around.