Jest ich sześć osób.

Could someone clarify what exactly is the logic behind this construction? No matter how many times I encounter this sentence, I’m always confused by it and I still haven’t figured out how exactly does this work.

Is this something along the lines of “there are six of them”? Although that would be “jest ich sześć” only… I just don’t understand the the exact role that “osób” is playing here. I’d be so grateful for any help!

This is a bit of a non-standard construction. You can sometimes hear it in colloquial speech, but I wouldn’t say this is 100% correct Polish.

A better way to say this would be “Jest ich sześć” (if they’re all female), “Jest ich sześciu” (if they’re all male), or “Jest ich sześcioro” (if it’s a mixed-gender group).

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Thank you for the clarification! It relieves me a lot that this is indeed colloquial. Btw, regarding the mixed-gender collective nouns, are they really used that often? I hardly encounter them to be honest, and to be frank I haven’t really focused on studying them because of it, but maybe I’m actually misjudging how often they are used.