Je te trouve intrigant.

English Translation

I find you intriguing.

intrigant: 1) devious, scheming. 2) bizarre, odd.

Intriguing: Causing a desire to know more; mysterious.

(Source: Wiktionary)

My dictionary says:

intrigant intrigante | ɛ̃tʀiɡɑ̃, ɑ̃t |
A adjective
1 (retors) scheming (épith)
2 (curieux) intriguing

However, I also looked on WordReference and Glosbe - neither had the second definition. Quelle curiosité !


However, Reverso Context does have examples of the translation as meaning 'intriguing" (as well as “scheming” and “puzzling”) -
Examples of intrigant at Reverso Context

How intriguing interesting/curious/fascinating!