Je n'en aurais rien à faire.

Should it not be “I do not care”?

What’s the translation offered? I would have thought “I wouldn’t care” or “I wouldn’t have anything to do with it”, but perhaps someone like @Kalzem could help us out.


I do not care => Je n’en ai rien à faire / Je m’en fiche / Je m’en fous / Ca m’est égal / Peu importe…

I would not care => Je n’en aurais rien à faire / Je m’en ficherais / Je m’en foutrais / Ca me serait égal / Peu importe…

“would” represents a probability which - in French - is represented by the tense “conditonnel présent”.


Non mi importerebbe.

English Translation

I wouldn’t care.

I think a literal translation of this phrase is “I would have nothing to do with it.”, which, to me a least, sounds like how the middle classes might turn a phrase in the 1800s.

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English Translation

I wouldn’t care.

i couldn’t care less.