Je n'ai pas plus de cinq dollars.

English Translation

I have no more than five dollars.

Before a consonant, cinq should be pronounced without the k sound, right? It seems the machine voice doesn’t apply this rule.

Well, errrm, … having read your comment I realised that I wasn’t actually sure any more (i.e. from what I’d heard on Youtube videos etc. in everyday usage, as opposed to what is taught in the classroom). So I thought “what does the interweb say?”.

From discussions such as this one as an example -
cinq (prononciation) | WordReference Forums
and this one from Reddit -
When do we pronounce the last consonant of the numbers (Cinq/huit/dix…) ? : French (
it appears that there are some French people who pronounce the k sound in almost all cases, and then there are others that don’t. It might be regional, it might be a gradual change in the spoken language, e.g. perhaps younger people tend to pronounce it.

Thanks for raising this, it’s been an interesting diversion.

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A tricky subject, indeed!

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