Je me sentais énervé.

Énervé = irritated

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In Quebec, it can apparently mean “excited”.

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Enervé refers to “nerves”, so you can see how the two meanings you gave are compatible.
“to get on one’s nerves” might help to remember the meaning of irritation

But the translation given is “I felt excited”, which is a positive feeling, whereas “énervé” gives me a bad feeling.

English Translation

I felt angry.

I think the English translation of this sentence might have been changed from when this forum discussion took place.

The English version here on Clozemaster doesn’t match the translation of the “Sentence Source” on Tatoeba.

On Tatoeba the English version of this sentence is given as “I felt excited.” (which is what was mentioned by @morbrorper in the discussion 1 to 2 years ago).

However, there is a difference in meaning between the English words “irritated” and “angry”, so I’m not sure why the translation has become “angry”. That doesn’t seem to match any translations of énervé that I can easily find online.

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