Je me casse.

English Translation

I’m hitting the road.

se casser = to get lost, to hit the road

English Translation

Let’s hit the road.

sounds similar to « let’s split » in English

In this example, it’s basically a very informal way to say that you’re leaving, similar to “I’m outta here.”.

Depending on context though, “se casser” (or sometimes “casser”) can also mean to break.

La clef s’est cassée dans la serrure. = The key broke in the lock.

One thing I just thought about:

The “to get lost” translation is only valid in the sense of “being mad at somebody and telling them to leave / leave you alone” - used in the imperative mood, as a command:

Casse-toi! = Get lost!

It does not mean getting lost, i.e not knowing where you are or going the wrong way.

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