Jak twoja dziewczyna się o tym dowie, to będzie przerąbane. (Question)

Hi can someone please explain this word ‘przerąbane’? I tried several on-line dictionaries with no return, except Google translate which stated ‘screwed’. I guess that it is probably a swear/vulgar word, looking at the English translation and also the -bane ending? Thanks!

“Screwed” is probably the best translation here. “Przerąbane” is a rather vulgar word mostly used to talk about trouble and bad situations in general.

It’s not as vulgar as “przejebane” though, which couldn’t be any more crude. The similar sound of the two makes me believe that “przerąbane” (derived from rąbać – to chop, to hack) itself was coined as a less vulgar alternative to “przejebane”.

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Ah … thanks … I’ve now searched ‘przejebane’ and there’s plenty of returns for this and ‘mieć przejebane’! (Polish seems to have a lot of ways to say ‘fuck’ but I guess that’s the same as any other language). I get it now, thanks!