Jak się miewa Twoja żona? (Sentence Note)

Note: miewać (-am -asz) = (impf frequentative of mieć) = to have

It’s important (if not obvious) to note that “mieć się”, and specifically the question “jak się masz?” is an idiom meaning “how are you?”.

Though “miewać” is the frequentative form of “mieć”, using it in the idiom doesn’t change the meaning much. Both “jak się ma twoja żona?” and “jak się miewa twoja żona?” mean essentially the same. They just have a bit different connotations, with “jak się miewasz?” being more friendly/nonchalant (depending on how you say it).

It’s not a huge difference though, and both are safe to use in most contexts (as long as the context doesn’t call for using the formal “you” forms pan / pani / państwo).

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Thanks for the extra info here. I now understand that, in this context, the frequenative form is pretty much interchangeable, although it is mostly for informal use.

Is it common to use the frequentative form in this idiom?. So far, I think this sentence is the only time I’ve seen (or heard) it used in place of ‘jak się masz / jak się ma …’ Thanks!

I’d say it’s fairly common, though definitely not as common as “jak się masz”.

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