Jag skulle vilja pröva det här.

English Translation

I’d like to try this.

What is the difference between “pröva” and “prova” (ö vs o)?

Simple answer:
Sometimes they are synonyms, sometimes not - but you will be understood anyway.

A longer (attempt) for an explanation:

  1. They are usually synonyms if you want to try something new.
    “Jag vill prova/pröva det nya spelet” - “I want to try the new game”

  2. To try something on - usually “prova” is used.
    “Prova skorna!” - “Try the shoes (to see if they fit)”

  3. To test something more abstract or to solve a problem - usually “pröva” is used.
    “Studentens kunskap prövas” - “The student’s knowledge is being tested”
    “Jag prövade att starta bilen” - “I tried to start the car”


Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: That’s reassuring to know that I will be understood anyway.

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