I've lost over 24k played sentences?

What happened with the update? I lost over 8k sentence in the French from English course alone. All that time spend learning those sentences!!! That’s really discouraging.


I’ve lost over 20,000 sentences,which I’m not thrilled about either, but it’s explained in the update notes. They reduced the number of sentences in many collections to reduce word duplication.

At least I’m glad “télévision” and “tennis” won’t pop up so frequently!


It cut my total played sentence by a third. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow but it was quite a blow to log on and see that today. I read the notes and I understand, and at least I didn’t lose points in my overall score, but geesh. Especially with the Russian course that I’ve been focused on for the current 6 Week Challenge (https://6wc.learnlangs.com/)–all my progress in the course for the past 3 weeks in terms of learning sentences was negated. It’s just brutal mentally.

I know some longtime users have complained about the excessive repetition in some of the courses, and like with the French course, I admit that was annoying–I was pretty much stuck on the second Most Common group which really was too easy for me so I was less motivated to grind through 17k sentences or whatever it was to get to more challenging content. And I am glad for the character number cap on sentences–some of those loooooooong sentences drove me up the wall. Like, I think it’s the Scottish Gaelic course, the whole freaking Lord’s Prayer for one of the sentences and the clozed word was the particle “gu”–just 2 letters. Ridiculous.

I genuinely appreciate the work the Clozemaster team put into this update–there are definitely some things I am glad to see added or changed. I’ll rally myself over the loss of sentences in short time, I’m sure. This app has been far too beneficial in my studies to give it up. The bigger problem right now is how my courses are in a nonsensical order which just makes my head hurt, especially after spending over a year logging on and expecting my priority courses to be in the same particular order.


In the old version I’d played all the 50,000 word frequency and >50,000 word frequency categories for French from English. Now it says I’ve only played about half of those categories, but when I play “new” sentences it seems like I’ve seen them before. Some are very distinctive, like “Tom is the name of my black warthog.”

I was initially excited about learning the new words that came with all those new sentences, but so far I haven’t come across any. I wonder how all these “new” sentences in those categories came to be - were new sentences imported, or was my progress just wiped for sentences I’d already played?

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Since the major update, I’ve done almost 7k new sentences and when I logged on this evening, my total played sentence count was down another 8K. This is really discouraging and very frustrating.

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For me, this seems to be because they’ve fixed a discrepancy between my sentences played as per the French dashboard, and what it said on my profile. They were about 10k different. Now that they’re the same, my total sentences played on my profile is down about 10k compared to a few days ago (and 30,000k compared to pre-update!).

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Yep sorry about that! Turns out there was some double counting causing the discrepancy @kadrian mentioned. Now the numbers should be consistent - between profile, dashboard, “My Languages” in the mobile app, if you sum up the number being played for each collection, etc. If you notice any other discrepancies please let us know.

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