Italian from English Streak query

Hi @mike Nothing too serious but just wondering why my Italian streak says 2 days when I have hit target every day. Perhaps my offline on Avere/Essere was slow to sync, chissà chissà? I’m not so good with graphs n percentages. Otherwise everything going well.

Thanks and kind regards to all👋.

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Hello @Floria7! Sorry about the streak! Where are you seeing that? Your profile on the web looks to have your streaks as expected Learn language in context - Clozemaster.

Hi @mike I sent you a screenshot where my Italian from English suddenly says “Points 3 days” on both web version and app. It’s not the end of the world tho, and my overall 1144 streak still appears.

Urgent edit: @mike This Sunday morning my Daily goal showed approx 630/500. I completed many FTnew/reviews offline, synced appropriately to find my 630 was now 352! Double-checked everything. Completed another 20 mins offline, synced again to find I’m still recorded at 352. It’s just a bit disheartening to see a DECREASE instead of all my work adding up. Will re-check again but I do seem to be going backwards! No Internet problems this end.

So have now played again to 109 today, most of which aren’t recording. Aaagh! Help!

Offline mode in the Android app has always been a little flaky for me.

  • Sometimes I hit my points target (or think I do), and then later lose my points streak.

  • It sometimes says I have progress to sync when I had never switched to offline mode. Sometimes it happens several days in a row, but only for a couple of collections.

  • Counts are sometimes wrong in downloaded collections. Like it will say I’m playing 99.7%, when it should be 100%.

That’s why I delete my downloaded collections as soon as I no longer need them.

Hi DuolityOfMan. Thanks so much for your info. Twice I’ve made a point of doing 650/500 then synching at least 350 later in the day. This then deletes my 650 replacing it with the 350 thus a regular loss of my Points target, now 8 instead of about 800! At least my main streak is safe; I like to keep this solely as incentive. I’ve had no problems at all when using the same tablet, it worked perfectly so I think it is more a problem with synching from one tablet to another than with Cloze.

“Mike” and Team are incredibly helpful and patient, and I don’t like complaining. So tomorrow I’ll just work from one tablet. Have a good Tuesday, good to meet you.

@Floria7 thanks for letting us know and sorry for the trouble! Your daily goal streak for Italian from English should now be back to 900+ days :raised_hands:

Do you remember if you meant while playing offline, or after syncing?

This sounds like the same issue, thanks for letting us know.

This one might be ok - if you have a collection downloaded, then play online on the web and open the mobile app, it will need to sync to pull in the changes made in the web version to the downloaded collection. If you’re not playing on the web or anything like that please let me know.

This is helpful to know too, thanks. To be sure, you mean syncing from one tablet to another in the same day?

Any other details please let us know. We’re working to reproduce the issue in the meantime.

Hi @mike Thanks for the correction to Points tally. Most kind. This morning I worked to 600/500 target and this afternoon played 80 offline (on same tablet) giving me 192 points. Synched as usual - once again it has taken me back to showing 192/500! Eek! So it seems they are not adding to my on-line totals. This has happened 3/4 times now, I’ve notched up big totals that haven’t recorded. But on the plus side, hey I’ve learnt a lot of Italian😉.

!3.35. Now out of the blue, my other tablet is telling me to synch so presumably this is from yesterday. I’ll synch and see what happens.

!Synched but still showing today’s 192/500 so I’ll have to go like crazy yet again to reach my 500! What fun hey. Ciao, must dash!

BTW, this is all on the app. Worked perfectly for a couple of weeks. Will try your on-line method.

I only play on the mobile app, and I hadn’t enabled offline mode, so I wasn’t expecting it to sync anything.

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