Iss etwas Schinken.

English Translation

Have some ham.

The pronunciation of iss is incorrect.

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“Iss” is the imperative of “to eat”. The English sentence says “have”, not “eat”.

I’d say, “Nimm dir etwas Schinken” (“Take some ham”) is a closer/truer translation.

Bu then, in english, “have” often means “eat” or “drink” when it comes to food.
See meaning #5 here: have - Wiktionary, the free dictionary

In german, we can also use “haben”, e.g. “Ich hatte schon 2 Hamburger”, but it is weird to use the imperative (although the anglicisms are spreading: “Hab einen schönen Tag”).

So “Iss” is a legitimate translation, I’d say.