iOS Glitch? CM Freezes After Typing

@mike Hi, I got an iPad 9 yesterday and to my dismay, when I type an answer, the app freezes. A sad day as the app has been easier to use than any browser.

I can no longer do text entry on the app at all. This problem has always existed on my iPhone, but now I cannot type in the app on either device.

iPad 9 with 15.4.1
Clozemaster app is current

Thank you for your help,
Sandi AKA ancestorsfound

It must be very inconvenient for you…
I’m not sure ancestorsfound’s (Sandi’s) problem is locale-specific. But let me share my setting information with you. The Clozemaster app has never frozen on my devices.
I’m on iOS 15.4.1 with iPhone SE second generation as well as iPhone 6s. My keyboards are in English, Indonesian (using 26 Latin alphabets), and Japanese. I use the app only in the online mode.
I turn off the speech recognition function from my iPhone settings >> Clozemaster on my iPhone 6s. But I cannot find Clozemaster directly under the iPhone settings on my SE, though.

I don’t use keyboards other than on-screen. It worked fine on an iPad 6, the day before yesterday. I’m always in online mode too.

Did you take all general actions such as restarting your device, offloading unused apps, and quitting all background apps? (See a tutorial.)

An app usually freezes when 1) your device overloaded data such as too many photos, music, and other apps; 2) you used too many other apps and they are still working in the background processing mode. 3) If your device is old like my iPhone 6s, maybe the CPU isn’t enough to run some apps.

As far as I know, Duolingo’s Android app used to consume more than 2.0 GB. Many Android users experienced freezing. The further users make a progress, the more the app consumed the capacity. In this case, you can check the status under Setting >> General >> Storage.

But Clozemaster’s iPhone app is very light. So, I guess your problem is likely to be caused by the first or second reason if the locale isn’t the problem.

Thanks. I’ve done All The Things. Except the one @mike might know.

Brand new iPad, which is the problem; old iPad was fine. Compulsive app closer. Restart. Delete/reinstall.

Sorry for my unhelpful comment… Only a small number of subscribers are flocking around this forum. Maybe some of the users on the Reddit sub might face the same problem. Getting spec info from them may help Mike and the team to detect the error.

I also use the app for my reviews. It’s handy. I hope you’ll get it back in the swing soon.

Thanks for trying to help. No worries.