Io voglio scambiare due parole con lei nel mio ufficio.

English Translation

I want a word with you in my office.

Naturally, the English are satisfied with having one word whereas the Italians need more than that. :slight_smile:

By the way, a really angry German might even say … “ein Wörtchen” = " a small word".

Any other languages?


Conversely, I recently came across this sentence in German from English -

English: “When I heard that, I put two and two together”
German: Als ich das hörte, zählte ich eins und eins zusammen
(For non-German speakers that translates as “When I heard that, I put one and one together”)

Together with your example of using Wörtchen, it appears as though German is more economical :grin:


I often put two and two together and get five.

Do Germans get three? :wink:


Actually, these expressions are not so fixed in German.
You might also say “… zählte ich zwei und zwei zusammen …” and nobody will think it strange.
Or you might say " in diesem Fall ist zwei und zwei mehr als vier" / “in diesem Fall ist eins und eins mehr als zwei” if you want to express that there is some kind of synergery (lit.: in this case two and two is more than four").

Besides, sometimes we all put two and two together and get anything but four but that’s another story. :slightly_smiling_face: