Io voglio il fan.

English Translation

I want the fan.

Are we really talking about un tifoso here, or would un ventilatore or un ventaglio have been a better choice?


I have the feeling it’s one of those words that is borrowed from English, like selfie or weekend. Personally I like to use “una tifosa” (feminile;-) as it’s more elegant and gives the impression that I know some Italian. All very contextual no?

If I’m watching Atalanta in a heatwave and say “Voglio un fan!” I’d have to rely on Giorgio’s “Take your… hands off me you…!” ;-D


@David755502 After the programma on TV the other night, we need to be very specific about our use of “fan” :wink: Mamma mia, I’m going to keep to “tifosa” lol!