Io me ne vado a casa.

English Translation

I go home.

Can you just say ‘Io vado a casa’?

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Ciao e benvenuta. Io vado a casa = I go home. I use “Io me ne vado a casa” to say “I’m leaving for home (now)” or “I’m off home”.

It is from the verb “andarsene” - to leave, go away.

I’ll leave any technical info to those more advanced, but this helped me when I once asked.

Happy learning!


Correct! Andarsene is a different verb from Andare.

Io vado a casa - I’m going home.
“Oh, you’re out driving now? What are you going?” – “I’m going home.”

Io me ne vado a casa - I’m leaving to go home.
“I hate this party. I’m going home!” (I’m leaving for home).

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