Io ho molte cose da dover fare prima di domani.

Isn’t “dover” a bit superfluous in this sentence?

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Yes is superfluous, I agree


Ciao ragazzi. I was wondering if dover was for emphasis - “…I ‘really must’ do before tomorrow” ma sono più che felice di andare con Giuseppe;-)

English Translation

I have a lot of things I have to do before tomorrow.

“dover fare” - have to do; need to do; should do

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Seems to me that without “dover” the Italian sentence would be ambiguous: I have lots of things to do (I can do them but there is no obligation on me) or I have to do lots of things (obligation, chores)


Welcome! I read it as “… many things that must be done”. It will be interesting to hear from others about “dover”. A dopo…