Io amo il vostro cappello.

English Translation

I love your hat.

I understand that there are several possibilities: suo - tuo - vostro.
But in what kind of situation have several persons one hat?
Even if they have the same hat(s), e.g. a group of soccer fans, it should be "I love your hats.
Or is it the old polite south Italian form? Then it is the first time I see it here.


The only plausible meaning, IMHO, is that “vostro” is used as a respectful singular you.

On the other hand, I think that “amo” in this case is not the best choice of words.

We do use “amare” for things we are fond of, but it feels a bit strange to use it for something that is not mine.

I’d go with “Mi piace il tuo cappello”, or if I were to give an over the top compliment “Adoro il tuo cappello”.

Edit: I just checked on tatoeba, and added my version.

The original sentence is in English, and a bunch of Italian translations have been added, with all possible permutations of “you”. Of course the clozemaster algorithm had to chose the least common variation! :wink:


I read this as singular formal, perhaps to a stranger or an older person;-)

“Io amo i vostri cappelli” for many hats. Totally agree about “amo” - adoro would be much better or simply “mi piace”. Thanks Mike-lima.