Indonesian Close Reading/ Own Sentences

Does Clozemaster Pro support adding my own content for Indonesian?

Welcome @pboman :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes, you can add your own content to play through and review by creating your own Cloze-Collection.

Scroll down below the “Fluency Fast Track” and “Most Common Words” headings (or “Collapse” it, if it isn’t already).

Collapse Most Common Words

Below the “Most Common Words” section you will find the “Cloze Collections”.

To the right of the heading there is a “Create” button.

This will bring up a pop-up where you can choose some settings for the collection you want to create (a.o. whether you want to keep your collection private for your own use only, or whether you would like to share it with fellow Pro members):

By pressing “Save” you should see the collection you have just added in the “Cloze-Collections” overview, with a helpful little indication that you can add sentences to your collection by pressing the little “+” button.

There’s a number of ways in which you can then add sentences. Ranging from adding them one by one (“Manual entry”, to automatically adding a bunch (“Paste in text” or “Upload file”). I’ve used all three of these options and found them very straightforward to use, but would be happy to provide more details if you’re getting stuck at any point or your content isn’t getting uploaded as you’re expecting.