Indefinite Articles have gone blank

My Indefinite Articles have gone blank and can’t be played. Was ok this morning.

There seem to be 0 sentences for some reason, perhaps the collection is being updated? Which language pairing is this for? The Italian from English Grammar Challenges all seem to be in order.

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Swedish - English. Went blank yesterday and is still blank now. T

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Sorry to hear that, I hope they do come back at some point.

I’m not sure if it’s related in any way, but the last couple of days (since you raised this), I’ve been occassionally having trouble connecting to both for playing and reviewing purposes and these forums.

I keep getting the following message for Clozemaster, with access to all other (non-clozemaster) web pages working normally:

This site can’t be reached’s DNS address could not be found.

After a number of refreshes, it generally manages to connect.

So I don’t know if perhaps there’s some works/updates happening at the back end or such, affecting some collections, and also the general connection?


Nothing there still and PLAY button still greyed out - is there some way I can escalate this? Or do i just wait for someone to pick up on this thread?

The Managed Indefinite Articles link is the only thing that works on it (still shows 0 Sentences etc.). It shows the 995 that I have played and I suppose I COULD try the reset. But am not sure whether that might make the evidence trail harder to follow (for whoever might look at it), so have left well alone for now.

I am using a PC tower which is rebooted every day and I’ve had no issues connecting to Clozemaster.

I have found though, if I want to check a word in a Sentence and switch to another browser window, to go to a dictionary or SAOL, that I have to be REALLY careful not to click anywhere within the Clozemaster screen.

The areas around the buttons are hot and sometimes it’s abandoned the PLAY session - sometimes it’s sent me back to the beginning. So whether something like that happened and it’s locked up, I don’t know.

I’d like them back though :grinning: