Inconsistencies between app and website

Just wondering if there’s any plans to work on these to make them more alike? I find some options as well as statistics to be fairly inconsistent, and the reporting in general is just very poor (especially when compared with Anki on iOS)

For example, ‘more stats’ on the web gives minutes studied, but on iOS it doesn’t

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Some of the statistics are clearly wrong. I reported it a month or two ago and received a response that they are aware of the problem. As of today I still see errors.

Thanks for letting us know! Which stats are you referring to in particular? We’re aiming to get an update released for the mobile app within the next week or so with updated stats.

Any options or other stats in particular besides minutes studied? We’ll likely aim to port the “next review” controls available in the mobile app to the website at some point, as well as try to simplify the web dashboard a bit showing just the collections you’re playing with a separate screen listing all collections. Not yet sure if we’ll add Cloze-Reading to the mobile app. Anything else in mind curious to hear of course.

Hi Mike,

I’ll try to attach one here. Look at the jump in the “:Mastered” number. There are quite a few other errors. I sent a detailed e-mail with screenshots in June. Are you able to retrieve that? If not, I can send more screenshots, but it takes time.

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Thanks for follow up! I’ve pulled up your email - thanks for the additional details and screenshots there!

The “Mastered” number in the screenshot you sent here should be fixed in version 2.9.3 - might you be able to confirm you’re using that version?

There should be fixes/changes for the More Stats “Mastered” numbers you mentioned in your email in version 2.9.4 which is the version to be released within the next week or so.

You also mentioned a discrepancy in the numbers shown in the Round Results and when you go back to the Dashboard. We’re still yet to reproduce that issue, so please let me know if you notice it again and, if you do, whether that particular collection is downloaded to your device.

Anything I missed please let me know of course. Thanks again!


It never occurred to me that downloading a collection would effect statistics, but I do indeed have a few downloaded.

I’m a little short of time at the moment, so let me get rid of the downloads, get current with 2.9.3/4 and then re-assess. That way I will avoid sending you in the wrong direction. I am at 2.9.1 right now.

I’ll drop you a note in a couple weeks.