In quale cartella ha salvato il file?

English Translation

In which folder did you save the file?

“il file” is pronounced “il fi-le” as if it were an Italian word, I wonder if shouldn’t just be pronounced “file” the English way?

Ma no! Think of the vowels:-) Fi-le sounds so much more elegant than a common old slightly worn anglicised *fyle;-)

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“file” (in computer jargon, the physical item is an “archivio”) is pronounced as (Italian spelling) “fail”.

“file” could be the plural of “fila” (queue, line, row), and in that case it is read as it is written.


thank you, so my suspicion was correct

( even if indeed it might be less elegant that way indeed as @Floria7 pointed out :wink: )


I promise to always say “fail”!