Il suo viso era bianco.

English Translation

Her face was white.

Just checking: would volto work here?

Ciao @morbrorper. How interesting; when I enter “Il suo volto era…” it gives me “His face was…” but “la sua faccia era bianca” seems to work.

Aspettiamo eh!

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“Viso”, “volto” or “faccia” could all be used here.

“Faccia” also means the side of an object (or geometric solid) and when used for the face of a person, it may feel a bit rude, or at least very direct.


Thanks so much @mike-lima. I’ve always wondered whether to use the one or the other. I’ll keep to viso or volto to be safe.


@Floria7 it is not a big deal if you use “faccia”, but of the three words we discussed, it is the only one that can be used in an insult or negative connotation.

For example a “faccia da schiaffi” is a person with a face that ought to be slapped, an arrogant person or a smartass.

A “faccia di bronzo” is someone that can lie easily and without remorse, or someone that can get away by saying something outrageous.

“Essere presi a pesci in faccia” means to be treated in an insulting manner.

On the other hand there are also neutral expression that require the use of “faccia”,
like “faccia a faccia” (face to face).


Grazie. These faccia phrases are an eye-opener, and the “faccia di bronzo” will come in very useful;-)

I’ve just remembered we have a wet-fish phrase, for when something is good… It’s “Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish!” Nice one!