Il festival è stato teatro di un eccezionale grande concorso di pubblico.

English Translation

The festival witnessed an unusually large attendance.

" Has been the scene" for “è stato teatro " translation comes much quicker in my mind the second time I run this sentence. Somehow “testimoniare” is sitting in the slot for " to witness”. ( Eh, my skinny vocabulary).

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Ciao. I read this as “The festival was staged by an exceptionally large audience competition”.

Mind you, I don’t understand the “concorso di pubblico”.

“Was staged” - I agree. I only put “has been the scene” because I use Reverso almost all the time, and it gave me a ton of this particular translation. And, btw, I found “has witnessed” there as well. So, guys, never mind.

Boh, it’s fun to discuss;-)

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