Il eut tort.

English Translation

He was wrong.

I’m pretty sure this is wrong. In French, one doesn’t say ‘I am wrong’ but ‘I have wrong’, ie. ‘avoir tort’ not ‘etre tort’ (apologies I cannot type accents on this keyboard). To say he was wrong in the past is therefore ‘Il avait tort’ or ‘Il a eu tort’ (depending on the exact case).

The French sentence is “Il eut tort”, right? “Eut” is the third-person singular form of “avoir” in the passé composé.

Exact, but this is passé simple, not passé composé.

Passé simple: “Il eut tort.”
Passé composé: “Il a eu tort.”


I realized afterwards that I had written the wrong thing and came back to fix it, but you got here first, @Neykah. :slight_smile:

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