Il est accroc à Farmville.

word reference doesn’t list this usage of accroc

“accroc” does work here, in the sense of “addicted” or “hooked”. It’s slightly informal but fairly mainstream.

I’ve seen it spelt “accro” in some cloze.

Are you sure you don’t mean “accro”?
Word reference lists “accroc” exclusively to mean a snag, or hitch. Which really makes no sense in this context.


You are correct (according to the wiktionary), although I’d argue that given that it’s a fairly informal term and that “accroc” and “accro” are pronounced exactly the same (and with the same etymology, from “accroché”) I don’t think it’s a very significant difference. Until 5 minutes ago I considered that it was just two equivalent spellings for the same word, but French be French…

That being said I think the cloze should be corrected with the more “traditional” spelling if only for the sake of making dictionary lookups easier.