Ikenna (A well-known youtuber) has mentioned Clozemaster!

Ikenna, a youtuber with 671.000 subs in youtube has mentioned Clozemaster in a video called " 5 Best Language Learning Apps 2020" Here is the link: 5 Best Language Learning Apps 2020 - YouTube

It’s really nice that one of the biggest language learning youtubers has mentioned Clozemaster in a list like that. I hope this will make Clozemaster’s community grow even more!


Adrian: Thanks for the link. He recommends Clozemaster as number 1! Interesting video, already seen by 35k eyeballs… R


Great news! Thanks for this clip adrianxu. I’ve quickly become very loyal to this well-run (and grown-up) site and recommend it as often as possible. I belong to an Italian forum and talk about CM there too. Bravo ClozeM!


Wow that’s awesome! :star_struck: :tada: Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! It happened again. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Minute 8:44


Hmm, veeery interesting. ACat for Cloze! Thanks for posting this. At the end of the day, it’s what suits you personally I suppose. I tend to be turned off by language sites with free chat forums and few good moderators; they easily turn into irrelevant chat and dating/grooming forums, not to mention spam and bullying. The chat then becomes the Reason instead of the Language.

I was concerned that he kept saying Memorise instead of Memrise but in general his ratings seemed pretty spot-on AFAIK. Glad to see Clozemaster doing so well - somehow Cloze inspires me to stay loyal, perhaps because Mike and the Team are so contactable and friends n followers are so encouraging!

Happy to be here;-)