Ignored sentence list?

What happens to ignored sentences? What if I clicked ignore by accident? (that row of buttons is quite close to the “next” button on my interface). Any way to view or restore these?

Firstly, don’t worry, it’s hard to do accidentally, since it will still ask you for a confirmation (where you have to choose to ignore just that sentence, or all sentences that contain that cloze word):

Furthermore, at the end of the round, in the sentence overview list, you can still (de)select the grey “ignore” button for the sentence in question.

Not ignored:

Finally, you can display a list of all ignored sentences per collection, by going to “manage collection”, by using the “sentence list” icon:

Which gives you search and management options for individual or all sentences, and where you can filter by e.g. “ignored” status (and other useful filters like “difficult”):

And as such be able to restore them again at any point from there too :slight_smile:

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